Initial Hardware and support for undergraduate students was funded as part of a grant from the National Science Foundation. (9414026) The CIRRUS Website has been a resource for chemistry undergraduate research but it has now been upgraded to allow for all disciplines. The discipline labels are now based on typical Council of Undergraduate Research groupings. Additionally, multiple subdisciplines can be specified now to supplement the primary disciplines. The original CIRRUS acronym stood for Chemistry Internet Resource for Research by Undergraduate Students. Now it is interpreted as the Collected Internet Resources for Research by Undergraduate Students.

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This web site is built using open source content management software called Drupal. It also uses an Apache Web Server, a MySQL relational database, and the PHP scripting language. This site should work well with most modern browsers.

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This current site was developed and is maintained by Dean Waldow. He is a Professor of Chemistry at Pacific Lutheran University. CIRRUS questions can be addressed to him at the following email address: waldow@chem.plu.edu.

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